greg's music room
24 track digital recording & pa hire








greg's music room  p.a.
can provide a system from around 300 watts to  3000 watts front-of-house sound
From  60 watts to over 700 watts onstage monitors (up to 4 sends).
The main system is suitable for venues up to around 200/300 people, depending on the type of music, and how well behaved your audience is!
The system is very suitable for acoustic music, jazz, folk, or world music, or in fact anywhere that quality sound is required..
If it's dance music with intestine wrenching bass, or lethal volume levels, then maybe I am not your man!
Small systems can be arranged using two speakers, with/without monitors if required. This compact rig would be suitable for more intimate gigs, or presentations.

Up to 30 Metres 20/4 Multicore for front-of-house mixing

PLEASE NOTE - the full rig is ONLY hired with an technician, however, smaller equipment can be hired on a delivery/collection basis. Please contact me with your requirements. 



Presonus 16.4.2

16 Mic/line channels
4 band semi parametric eq
Dynamics on every channel
6 aux sends
2 FX sends
4 bus

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16/2
16 Mic / line channels
4 band eq / swept mids
2 Stereo channels
6 Aux sends
Onboard FX
Stereo bus

Allen & Heath ZED-12-fx
6 Mic / line channels
3 stereo channels
3 band eq / swept mids
4 aux sends
Onboard FX
Stereo bus
USB interface

Allen & Heath ZED-16-FX
10 Mic/line channels
3 Stereo channels
3 band eq/ swept mids
4 aux sends
Onboard FX
Stereo bus
USB interface

Soundcraft EFX-8
8 Mic/Line channels
2 Stereo channels
3 band eq/swept mids
2 aux sends
Onboard FX
Stereo bus

Yamaha EMX312SC
600 Watt PA Amplifier
8 Channel
Onboard FX
Onboard Graphic eq


Speakers Available
Pair RCF Evox
(Active sub/sat compact array)
Pair QSC K10
(Active 1000 watt)
Pair EV SX100
(Passive 12")
Pair EV ZXA1
Active 800 watt
Pair  EV ZX1-90
(Passive 8")
4x L2 Audio TM10H
(Passive multi purpose)
HK Lucas XT system
(very compact active sub/sat system)

Sennheiser E855 (2)
Sennheiser E845 (2)
Beyerdynamic Opus 69 (2)
Shure SM86 (Vocal condenser)
Shure Beta 58
Shure SM58 (6)
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure Unidyne III
AKG C1000S (2)
SE Electronics SE1 (2)
Beyer TGX280
Beyer Opus 67 clip-on percussion mic (3)
AKG D112 Kick drum mic
Audio Technica PRO 25

Outboard available
Lexicon MX200
tc electronics M350
Alesis Midiverb 4
Alesis 3620 dual compressor/gate
Samson S-Com4 quad compressor/gate (2)
Art HQ-231 31 band constant Q FOH graphics
dbx1502 15 band monitor graphics
DI by Orchid Electronics & Radial Engineering